On March 10, 2021 Maxim died through an epileptic seizure. He was 21 years old. We ask everyone who knew him to keep him in his heart. As parents we would like to receive your beautiful memories. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us in this difficult time. 

Maxim will be remembered as always smiling, often making silly jokes. He was absolutely passionate for his work in a good quality restaurant and party center in the neighborhood where he made long hours and got lots of energy. His tri-lingual education helped him to serve guests from many places in the world. Wherever he went people saw a polite and helpful young men.

Maxim developed epilepsy when he was 7 years old. Medical tests could show that it was caused by a small defect in the visual cortex in the brain. Medication could keep it quite well under control, but the medication and his disease brought a form of restriction to Maxim's life that he was not prepared to accept. He did not want to go to bed in time, but preferred to game all night. He liked to drink with his friends, and he did not like med-boxes or apps that reminded him of his "obligations". Maxim always tried to circumvent restrictions imposed on him: not only by his disease, but also by home rules, school or society. He lived every moment: he was not afraid to die, but terrified not to live life to its fullest.

Maxim was very tolerant of people with different life styles and cultures. He could feel people very well, and would not hesitate to tell you what you wanted to hear. Whether what he said was true was an entirely different matter..... We also think his tolerance for "different" led him to love animals that did not have natural attraction to many people: reptiles, and especially crocodilians. 

Maxim lived his last year in his own place, his kingdom being a very small room (6m2) and shared facilities in a house with 4 other renters. He really enjoyed his freedom. And we cherished his visits.

You lived fast. You left us way too soon. You will always live on in our hearts.

Mom and Dad.

And then it happened: almost a year after the last support for Joomla 1.5 ended, I get a strange e-mail from the site notifying me of the registration of a new user. That functionality does not exist on our family web site. I immediately have taken the site off-line. Why were we not upgraded? Well, as you may notice, this site is multi-lingual. And as it happens, that is already the case for many years. With joomla-1.5 this was not a native functionality, but it was supported through the fabulous joomfish extension. Unfortunately, a lot changed between joomla 1.5 and 2.5, especially in language support, and joomfish was still not ready for an automatic migration.

Because of the "mistrust" I have had to rebuild the site from scratch using Joomla 2.5. This has been a lot of work. Most pages got a new URL, and we want to support the old one. The menu structure was adapted to be much more native to joomla 2.5. In fact, I have not even yet transferred all content and will be continuing to eliminate the last 404 messages over the coming weeks.

Welcome to our new site!

Update on October 6: All content has been migrated.

Joomla logoThe Hooft family web is now a dynamic site again, using the Joomla 1.5 content management system. The site uses the DutchJoomla extension as well as JoomFish so that we can host content both in Dutch and English

Triggered by the breakup of the group of o2w enthousiasts, hosting of the family web site has moved to PCExtreme.  Still using the same ht2html site!

Joke now has some of her watercolors on line, with some background and a calendar of exhibitions.

The family web site moved to a server maintained by a group of tech enthousiasts called "o2w". We are back to statically hosted pages now, but with the help of ht2html to give them a consistent look.


The Hooft Family website switched to a Zope server, still hosted on the same computer. This is our first experience with a dynamic hosting system.

Hooft Family web goes online. Hosting using static pages on a workstation at the University of Utrecht.