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Today is the last day of our tour on the main island of Madagascar. Our plane for Antananarivo is scheduled for 16:10. We ask at the reception whether we can stay longer in our room, so that we can enjoy the morning. Unfortunately, our room must be empty at 8:00, already before we leave with a pirogue for our snorkeling on the "Barriere des roses". We store our luggage in the hotel storage room, and have a quiet breakfast. Around 8:30 we redress into our snorkel gear, and store the backpacks in the storage room as well.

Pirogue hat brings us to the reef

The trip starts on a beach next to the hotel, with Bertrand and an assistant. Just when we leave, a second assistant walks up on the beach, and we return to pick him up. The men try for a little while to use the sail, but there is so little wind that is only brakes the speed and we arrive at the barrier on paddle-power alone. We have a nice snorkel tour for about an hour, and then return. Wind has picked up, and we can sail back to the hotel, where our room has been prepared for the next guests. At the reception they give us the key so that we can make use of the bathroom to clean ourselves. After our shower we have a quick lunch, convinced that we have to leave at around 13:00. That does not appear to be the case: the hotel staff calls the airport, and the flight is delayed until 18:10, so we will leave around 15:30 instead. At the checkout, we buy a T-shirt supporting the local library of Mangily. We also drink a last drink at the bar, and read. When the time to leave arrives, our luggage is loaded on the roof of a hotel van together with the luggage of 3 other guests that will leave on the same flight. After an hour of bumps we arrive at the airport, where checkin procedures are quite minimal. We get a hand-written boarding pass without seat assignments, and handluggage is not checked at all. The flight to Tana is quick and comfortable, and we meet our guide Jean-Jacques who brings us to the Palissandre hotel for a very short night. We have a quick "sunday grill" dinner, and order breakfast in our room for 03:00.