On our last full day it rains and pours. During the night we noticed a few times that the power went out for a short time. We make it a very quiet morning, and have breakfast at 9:30. We finish the morning reading in the lounge. During the afternoon the weather does not clear at all. There are puddles of water everywhere, and the wind is very strong. The sea shows white-headed waves everywhere and the whale spotting tours do not leave today. We decide to clean up our luggage already for the trip home. We bring the medication that we took with us to the reception of the hotel for local use, and take some of the books that we did read on our trip to the library.

Windy waves on the beach of Ile Ste Marie

The night and next day are still quite windy and rainy. This allows us to get the rest that we deserve after our interesting holidays. In the afternoon we fly back to Antananarivo, where Jean-Jacques takes us to a daytime hotel close to the airport. We dump our luggage in the room and have a look at the hotel shop which has a very nice selection of local products. We buy some last souvenirs there, and also leave our postcards; the lady says she can mail them for us. We have dinner, and at 22:00 get our luggage out of the room for the trip to the airport. The hotel bus is really heavily charged with a large group of tourists, some are taking huge pieces home in special boxes. Jean-Jacques appears as well to take other tourists to the airport, at the airport he checks whether we are doing ok. The flight back to Paris leaves around 1:00.