Our wedding

In front of the hotel

At the beginning of the day, Anne and Rob in front of the Hotel in Utrecht where family and friends have been staying overnight.

The week before, in a smaller group, and in the smaller city of Waremme (Belgium) the civil wedding has taken place. But from that occasion, there are no digitized pictures.

The program for the 28th is to go to the Wilhelmina park in Utrecht for some pictures with a professional photographer, then to the St. Aloysius church for the mariage, on a boat trip through the city of Utrecht in the afternoon, and a dinner and party in "Boerderij Mereveld" in the evening!

Boat trip

A present from Rob's parents to the married couple. What an organisation is required for this event, it is unbelievable. Boats on the "Grachten" in Utrecht are there every day during summertime, but organising a trip that is taking place in March should be done in wintertime, when the boat-company is almost closed.

It was decided to rent a boat that could handle up to 30 people. But: one day before the event the company called, and told us that the actual maximum on a trip with catering was 25.... And even worse: at last count, we would be 31 on the trip.... So the company decided at that last moment that we would need 2 boats, and the whole organization was arranged.

From the church, the trip went by bus (See pictures of Thomas and Sabine, Simon and Suzanne, Tony and Evelyne, Doros and Fiona, Anne's parents, Peter and Marion) to the boats.

On arrival at the boats, however, there were two nicely dressed-up boats, but there was only one skipper.... And the other appointed skipper did not answer the phone and did not answer the door. Alternative skippers lived more than an hour away, so the organisation was changed again, and we were all 31 put on one 25 seat boat. That is: after all of the 31 people had made use of a single toilet on another boat, something that is not easy if you're 89 years old... In some (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) pictures, you can see that the seating on the boat was tight, but it was very cosy! The tour went through some of the more visited "grachten" of Utrecht, but after a small sanitary break where people could get used to some steady lands after the rough seas (Picture of Betty and Adrie) some of the very tight waters were visited that are not normally part of a city tour. And since it had been long since a large boat visited that part of the city, the obstacle that was in the water had not been discovered yet. Before this powerful young man appeared, there were worried faces on many people, including Wout and Ine...

Dinner and Party

Difficult to tell a story about the evening. Just take a look at the pictures! They each tell a thousand words (but take up the disk space for 5000....).

The Dinner

The Party

(Obviously these are not all the pictures, but a small selection featuring people that we know have access to the World Wide Web).