With an antenna on the roof, and two-and-a-half channel reception in house, we had decided that it couldn't harm to ask the cable company to get a connection. The rules said that if it would cost more than 100 Euro's, they would first tell us how much it would be. But then: suddenly there they were in our garden. I guess the communication boom on the markets has made this possible: at the time this happened the cable companies were doing ~5000 US$ per connection....

Anna 1

Here are some pictures of a special weekend with friends.

In front of the hotel

At the beginning of the day, Anne and Rob in front of the Hotel in Utrecht where family and friends have been staying overnight.

The week before, in a smaller group, and in the smaller city of Waremme (Belgium) the civil wedding has taken place. But from that occasion, there are no digitized pictures.

The program for the 28th is to go to the Wilhelmina park in Utrecht for some pictures with a professional photographer, then to the St. Aloysius church for the mariage, on a boat trip through the city of Utrecht in the afternoon, and a dinner and party in "Boerderij Mereveld" in the evening!