Who is supposed to benefit from the EOSC?

Story 1. The European Open Science Cloud had their launch meeting in Vienna on November 23, 2018. Lectures were representing big (hundreds of millions of Euros) single topic focused European science projects, telling the audience how important the EOSC will be.

Story 2. I like answering questions on Quora. Recently someone asked whether it is unhealthy to live in a humid climate. It took me 2 hours to find data on climate humidity and longevity, summarize both per country, and correlate. I could only find both numbers for 46 countries.

My opinion? The European Open Science Cloud will be most helpful to speed up the answers for small questions coupling different data sets from diverse sources. The big projects collecting their own petabytes of data will manage to do exactly the same with or without a science cloud. But most of science consists of much smaller questions, possibly composing data into solutions of grand societal goals. These kinds of projects are most served a lot by datasets that are adhering to standards. They will benefit from the EOSC. And that is why it is a pity that the voice of such projects was not represented at the launch event.

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