New job; the purpose of this blog

Last Tuesday, September 1st 2009, I started a new job as CTO of NBIC. NBIC is a Dutch not-for-profit organization (foundation) that has as prime target to bring BioInformatics in the Netherlands to a higher standard.

Until now, NBIC has been run as a small administrative office in Nijmegen, coordinating research ("BioRange" program), education ("BioWise" program) and support ("BioAssist" program) at several different academic locations in the Netherlands.

We are now setting up a virtual workshop as part of the NBIC office, operating as part of the BioAssist program. This office will be working on data and on software development. We will start where the research groups end. We will take what is produced, and continue development by applying industrial design standards to it. Above the virtual door to our virtual office there is a virtual sign:


No thinking beyond this point.


Sometimes, however, in the office, we can not help having our own thoughts. I will use this blog to write about the way we run our office together, including obstacles. And occasionally, I may add a little thought I have had.

[Note: The postings of the blog have been merged in 2019 into the rest of my own web site instead of being hosted separately on "blogger". You can find back most of the specific postings under the tag BioAssist]

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