Power to the world

Finally some nice weather, delivering >3kW of PV power to the net right now.

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Can a clock with Poisson counting statistics replace your watch?

Thinking about Poisson statistics I was wondering how much use a clock would be that would count the seconds with counting statistics or Poisson statistics. That is: it has the irregularity of radio-active decay. Some people put their watch a few minutes ahead of the true time to make sure that they are never too late, but the problem is that they can start counting on that after a while. A true random clock might be unreliable enough that you would need to always stay carefully ahead….

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Icy Impact

Unpleasant weather to cycle. Heavy wind and rain that freezes on impact.

#ice #trip

Snow + Wind = Heaps

Snow + Wind = Heaps. 35cm in some places. It took me 2 hours to dig out the car

#cold #weather

Road closed ahead

Both straight and left are blocked. The trouble you get into with 2 independent constructions at the same time.

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Maeslantkering Closed

Maeslantkering is closed for a yearly functional test

Bent Gauge

Makes me wonder about the forces this meter has endured so far…..

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Springy Rods

How many springy and folded iron rods fit in a single container?

#demolition #rotterdam #cs

Installing Inverters

Inverters for the photovoltaics at Rotterdam Central Station being installed.

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