Coffee Cow?

A cow visiting a cafe on the Leidseplein? #amsterdam #farm #weird

Bare metal

OK, I’m happy I’ve replaced this 240V mess…. it looked truly dangerous. #home #oops #danger

Road repairs

Road is being repaired in the distance. Can’t wait to see them come here! #home

Coffee and Communication

Coffee to start the NBIC communication day. #work

Dogs must be carried

Manchester airport. Why are people without dogs not allowed on the escalator? #oops #trip

How many flaws does this hotel have?


It could be that I am misunderstanding the voice, but these flaws are rather scary in an elevator….

Solar Eclipse

A partial solar eclipse at the opposite side of our street. #home #eclipse


The overpass in Rotterdam Central Station is closed because of the weather. It will take a little longer to change trains today. #ns #trip #snow

How to select "new" podcasts only

Update 2012: Please note that his was working for iOS 4.x. Apple changed things a bit since then....

Use a smart playlist in iTunes and your iPod to organize podcasts you have not heard yet.

Do you also find it difficult to maintain the podcasts you still need to listen to on your iPhone or iPod? Without casts that you’ve already heard taking up too much space on your device? The ideal would be that all new podcasts automatically end up on your device, and automatically disappear once you’ve listened to them to make space for new ones.

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