User interface blooper

This is the user interface for operating on public transport cards available in busses. It is available in 4 languages. But look at the way the flags and buttons are connected. GUI Blooper? It can't be fixed in the next release of the software.... #oops #ovchipkaart

BiGGrid user event

The BiGGrid user event is organized in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. If you break through the modern glass ceiling, you end up in the old monumental building. #conference

Broken train

The train that was supposed to take me from Rotterdam to Utrecht this morning broke down in the middle of the trip. Gave us an interesting viewpoint over the A20 freeway. For quite a while....  #trip #delay #ns 

A new beach

Wow, a new beach this year. Nice quiet evening too! Water temperature is 14C.

The beach near 's-Gravenzande has been widened by adding sand, lots of sand. There were two reasons for this: first there was a problem of beach erosion that apparently was caused by a concave coast line. They therefore wanted to add so much beach that the coast line was no longer concave. Furthermore, a huge extension of Rotterdam harbor is being built on the south flank, and the resulting loss of ecosystem must be compensated somewhere. Part of the "old" beach area is now converted into a bird-friendly natural area.

Seth Godin was recently in Antwerp?

On a visit to Antwerp, Belgium, I came across this signature in a brand new chocolate workshop…. "Moo! Chocolate is the Linchpin. Keep shipping. Seth” #sethgodin #chocolate #antwerpen 

Thick smoke in Schiedam

Thick smoke plumes next to Schiedam Station?


Software Quality Workshop

Quality of software workshop at the fifth NBIC conference. The topic is introduced by Machiel Jansen from Sara. #nbic5

NBIC Hackathon 1

Nbic hackathon just started. What can we interconnect? #nbic #hackathon #work

Retweeted by you? @you?

A small bug in the twitter interface, just after the formal "retweet" feature was introduced. After I retweeted this message it said "retweeted by you and 7 others", but "you" showed a weirdly different twitter account.... #oops #twitter