The overpass in Rotterdam Central Station is closed because of the weather. It will take a little longer to change trains today. #ns #trip #snow

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How to select "new" podcasts only

Update 2012: Please note that his was working for iOS 4.x. Apple changed things a bit since then....

Use a smart playlist in iTunes and your iPod to organize podcasts you have not heard yet.

Do you also find it difficult to maintain the podcasts you still need to listen to on your iPhone or iPod? Without casts that you’ve already heard taking up too much space on your device? The ideal would be that all new podcasts automatically end up on your device, and automatically disappear once you’ve listened to them to make space for new ones.

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User interface blooper

This is the user interface for operating on public transport cards available in busses. It is available in 4 languages. But look at the way the flags and buttons are connected. GUI Blooper? It can't be fixed in the next release of the software.... #oops #ovchipkaart

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BiGGrid user event

The BiGGrid user event is organized in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. If you break through the modern glass ceiling, you end up in the old monumental building. #conference

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Broken train

The train that was supposed to take me from Rotterdam to Utrecht this morning broke down in the middle of the trip. Gave us an interesting viewpoint over the A20 freeway. For quite a while....  #trip #delay #ns 

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A new beach

Wow, a new beach this year. Nice quiet evening too! Water temperature is 14C.

The beach near 's-Gravenzande has been widened by adding sand, lots of sand. There were two reasons for this: first there was a problem of beach erosion that apparently was caused by a concave coast line. They therefore wanted to add so much beach that the coast line was no longer concave. Furthermore, a huge extension of Rotterdam harbor is being built on the south flank, and the resulting loss of ecosystem must be compensated somewhere. Part of the "old" beach area is now converted into a bird-friendly natural area.

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The difference between what people want and what they ask for

A software shop like ours should deliver what customers want... but it may be difficult, because they often do not ask what they want. This is because customers think they know what causes a problem and they think they know the best way to solve it. They then formulate their request in an attempt to help us.

An example: I once had customers asking me whether I could change my software so that it would round the numbers that it would use to position a robot. It would have been easy to satisfy that request, but I decided to ask why? This proved to be a good idea. I found out the customers were copying the numbers into some other software package. Rather than doing what the customers asked, I ended up writing a direct interface to the other software. This made life of the users much easier yet, without limiting the possibilities of the robot.

We can not blame customers for not knowing what is easy and what is difficult to implement. Both ways. They can think that something is very easy, when in fact it is fundamentally very hard. But it also happens that they do not dare to ask a question they think is hard, when in fact it would be very easy.

If you want to make the best possible software, you need to keep asking "why" until your user's report has been changed to "If I do A, I get B. But instead of B I would like to see C (because I need D)". This will help you to decide how customer satisfaction can be maximized. The maximum may be much higher than your customers expect.

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