Dutch Semantic Web Meetup

An array of speakers lined up for their lightning talks at the Dutch Semantic Web Meetup #dswm #conference

Train delays?

Half the trains are canceled, the other half is delayed by half the usual interval… #trip #cold

Haiti Quake

Today the UN flag at the peace palace in The Hague is half-mast, to remember the victims of a huge earthquake in Haiti #un

Gavial in a Prague cafe....

After a visit to the Prague zoo, of course Maxim bought a new crocodilian. A gavial this time. #croc



New station Guillemins in Liege, Belgium. What a difference! #trip

Supercomputing day #2

Jack Dongarra at Sara superdag #conference

Supercomputing day

Bill Kramer at SARA 25th supercomputing day #conference

VLe slotevent

An inspiring talk by a Microsoft employee who says of himself that he is not an expert user of PowerPoint… #conference

Less than impressive view from Fyra

Those sound-walls help to keep the neighborhood of the high-speed trains livable, but the view from the new train itself is uninteresting. #trip

A new group member

Welcome aboard, Kees! #work