I realized that over the course of the years I have been visiting several quite different areas of the globe. This made me decide to make a special cross section of the pictures that I have taken over the years: a set with as special property that any pair of pictures selected from the set are always taken at more than 1000 km distance from each other. The result: 19 pictures, representing 19 completely separate circles of 500 km radius or 14.9 million square kilometers of the earth's surface, under 3%. I still have a long way to go!

I have manually selected these pictures, not always selecting the best picture I had available but preferring pictures that make it possible to recognize where it was taken. Until summer 2006, the pictures were taken with chemical film, printed and scanned on a fladbed scanner.


June 1994. USA, New York, New York. On the roof of the World Trade Center tower.

February 1995. UK, London. Tower Bridge.

May 1995. USA, California, San Francisco. View of the city from the north side of Golden Gate Bridge.

November 1995. Cuba, Havana. The old city fortification.

December 1995. Mexico, Mexico City. View from one of the pyramids.

January 1997. USA, Hawaii, Big Island. Barren Lava Landscape in Volcanoes National Park.

January 1997. USA, Utah, Natural Bridges National Monument. Snowscape.

January 1997. USA, Texas, San Antonio. View on the Alamo from the tower.

October 2000. La Palma. One of the astronomical observatories seen from above.

August 2003. South Africa, Kruger Park. Landscape.

January 2005. Finland, near Kuusamo. Raindeer Farm in "winter daylight" close to the polar circle.

August 2005. Portugal, Lisbon. View from a World Expo cable car.

January 2006. Iceland, near Reykjavic. Geyser.

August 2006. Greece, Kerkyra. Panoramic view from Paleokastritsa.

August 2007. Maldives, North Male Atol. Entry to an island resort.

June 2008. USA, Wisconsin, Madison. The Capitol building and market with a demonstration by the fire department.

August 2008. Japan, Tokyo. Sunday view on the main street in Ginza, free of cars.

December 2009. Czech Republic, Prague. Statue on the Wenceslas square.

July 2010. Madagascar, view on a red island landscape along the road from Antananarivo to Andasibe.

How many pictures can you use if you try a 1000km photo project yourself? Send me a message! If you point me to a series of pictures you took, I will add a reference on this page.