South Africa

Since Rob needed to go to Durban end of August 2003, we decided to make South-Africa our holiday destination for that year. A selection of our nature pictures coming from the different national parks we visited is shown here.

ImpalaAfrica knows about 30 different kinds of antelope. The Impala is the one we have seen the most. Due to the resemblance of their rear-end with the logo of a well-known fast-food chain, they are also called the "fast food of the jungle".
The buffalo
Coral Tree
Drinking Giraffe
Eagles and Vultures 1
Eagles and Vultures 2
An Elephant
Curious Giraffe
Ground Hornbilll
South African Landscape
On an evening tour we came across two lions that were walking around together in their territory. As our crossing separated the (brother?)pair, they roared to find each other.
White rhino are abundant in Hluhluwe national park. This particular male was busy marking the edge of his territory when we passed. This was apparently a rare sighting, as these animals only pass their mark points every two or three weeks.
Tea Fields
Vultures in Trees