Five star rating your own photos

Have you ever been wondering how to use the five stars in your photo catalog? I’ve heard people say: there are only two kinds of pictures: pictures you could show to someone, and pictures you wouldn’t show to anyone. Isn’t choosing between zero and one star enough?


In the end I did find a system that appeals to me that uses all five stars. I got a lot of help from other blogs, but I would not be able to point them out. Here is my system:

  • No stars: not yet rated.
  • One star: could have some goal in the future.
  • Two stars: Supports the story.
  • Three stars: Best of the bunch. These are the (holiday) pictures you show to your friends. If they ask questions, you may have a two-star to fall back to.
  • Four stars: Worth watching even out of context. This is a good selection to set as screen saver on your Apple TV…
  • Five stars: would be part of your portfolio if you would be trying to get an assignment

Are you using the stars differently? Tell me about it

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